Riff – IPA (6.3%) served at 8-10C, suitable as a social drink or for dishes of lamb or beef.

An India Pale Ale that does not disappear in the buzz, a bit like a faithful friend. This IPA invites you to a wonderful malty taste experience along the northern plains with a clear bitterness, hints of  loaf, butterscotch and cloudberries! In addition, an astonishingly wonderful balance is achieved thanks to the honey and bergamot. During the 18th century, IPA quickly became the English sailors’ favorite on the seven seas, and here we give you the chance for a fantastic taste experience, regardless of whether you are at sea, with good friends – or at the rock concert.

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Riff – Non-alcoholic (0.5%) 
served at about 8C, suitable as a social drink or for a buffet, dishes of fish, lamb or light meat.

A superb non-alcoholic alternative that exceeds both hopes and expectations! A light character, characterized by malty elements both in terms of aroma and taste. In addition, a harmonious balance from hops and a bread flavor with the touch of crispy hard rye bread. The yellow, clear and almost golden color, increases the fresh experience achieved through the cold-fermented production process. In short, a wonderful gentle taste experience that often leads to the desire of having more. Just like good music that touches the soul.

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