Riff – Lager By Dregen! Now back at Systembolaget!

Riff – Lager By Dregen is now back at Systembolaget!

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Riff – Lager (5.2%), served at 8-10C, suitable as a social drink, for a buffet or for dishes of fish or  meat.
A lovely and fresh light Lager with a distinct character that you won’t miss! The medium-bodied taste is filled with a wonderful hop-aromatic tone that rests safely in our use of as many as 4 different hop varieties for this Riff. The pleasantly malty aroma offers hints of light bread, honey and a touch of citrus. The beer is naturally brewed in the traditional way and ends up directly in the right taste and strength, without mixing or diluting. In other words, a slightly more difficult, cumbersome and also a more expensive brewing process than we usually see today, but we choose not to compromise in our ambitions or with our quality. Not on stage nor in the bottle.

PS: Slightly chaotic situation when the temporarily Corona-closed printing house left us without labels & as crooked as a ship in the Suez Canal! Bottles without a label are like a riff without gura. But the berries should come out, of course, even if the color of the label differs a bit on this completely unique first batch of Riff Lager. Limited Edition and Collector’s item big time & something to keep on the shelf when Riff no. 1,000,000 rolls out of the brewery…

PS 2: RIFF IPA will be released at Systembolaget on May 26, RIFF Non- alcoholic in just a few weeks, more info soon.