THE HELLACOPTERS Announce “Through The Eyes Of…” EP!

Following the release of their highly-acclaimed comeback album, “Eyes Of Oblivion,” which has gained them international chart success, Swedish high-energy rock’n’roll band THE HELLACOPTERS have announced the release of an EP called “Through The Eyes Of The Hellacopters,” due out on June 24th, 2022.

It will contain the four bonus tracks that have previously only been available on the 2CD Box edition of “Eyes Of Oblivion,” namely “Eleanor Rigby” (The Beatles Cover), “Circus” (String Driven Thing Cover), “I Am The Hunted” (GBH Cover) and “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker” (The Brogues Cover). The EP will be available as limited 10” vinyl and as digital album. The pre-order for the vinyl starts TODAY!



Through The Eyes Of The Hellacopters” Is Available In The Following Physical Formats:

10” Vinyl (Clear) – ltd. to 500

10” Vinyl (Silver) – ltd. to 500

10” Vinyl (Gold) – ltd. to 500


Riff APA By Dregen – Out Now

Riff – American Pale Ale

Dregen (The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies) celebrates a succesful year by releasing his forth beer in the Riff family – The Riff APA!

In the summer of 2020, Dregen entered the beverage industry together with musician & entrepreneur Jesper Lindgren (Velvet Insane) with his Riff – Lager by Dregen.
The beer chugged the market by storm and empty shelves unfortunately soon became a common sight when demand overwhelmed the brewery that was used back then.

With the aim set on continued development, an extensive selection process was started to find a brewery that could meet both Swedish and international demand.
With consensus on quality, flexibility and top-class service, Dregen, Jesper and the brewery Nyckelbryggerier found each other where the agreement was signed in February 2021.
Better, faster and tastier have since then been the mantra for the trio who have now really reloaded to develop the concept.

Riff has expanded and has now become a “family” consisting Riff Lager, Riff IPA, Riff non-alcoholic and now, after a most succesful year a mighty Riff American Pale Ale drops TODAY April 26th at Systembolaget!
All brewed with love to the nature of northern Sweden and to the sound of distorted hard rock music of the noblest kind. In short, a repertoire for every occasion and scene!

Jesper Sjöström
Chairman Nyckelbryggerier

Order Riff American Pale Ale:
Artikelnummer Systembolaget: 56656

Eyes Of Oblivion out now!

Ladies and gentlemen, today is the day you can finally listen to “Eyes Of Oblivion” the new LP by legendary Swedish high-energy rock’n’roll group THE HELLACOPTERS in all its glory. Their first full-length since no less than 14 years features 10 brand new cuts that sound as if the band had never been on hiatus. So, whether you’re putting the needle to the wax or pressing the play button on your digital device: pour a drink of your choice, lean back and enjoy these 35 minutes of vintage sounding yet absolutely timeless rock music by one of Scandinavia’s finest bands.

If you still need something to whet your appetite after the three previous singles, we recommed checking out the the highly contagious and remarkably cheerful glam rock stomper “Tin Foil Soldier” for yet another facet of this sensational comback album.

Listen to “Tin Foil Soldier” via the static video below:




The Hellacopters – Record Release Party

April 1 is the release date of our new album “Eyes Of Oblivion”. We are terribly excited about this and we will of course celebrate. Our dear agent Luger in collaboration with Pistonhead have come up with a plan so come celebrate with us at Hamburger Börs here in Stockholm. Since we’ll be celebrating heavy we won’t be playing live but we have no other than the fantastic rock group Freedom performing the entire new album back to back, on stage, for you and for us!

We’ll start the celebration with signing records, supplied to the venue for purchase by our friends from Sound Pollution (the record store we usually hang out at). Yours truly (Boba, Dregen, Dolf, Nicke and Robert that is) will take turns DJ-ing the best rock music there is and ever was throughout the night. There might even be more stuff going on on stage during the night but even we don’t know what that’ll be. They call it a surprise. There will be exclusive giveaways. If you’re thirsty there will be a Riot On The Rocks whiskey bar. We’ve heard rumours about a quiz. What we do know is that there is no entrance fee.

There are obviously more pressing matters in the world right now but for April 1 we’re gonna wear our eyes of oblivion for a little while. Come celebrate with us!


/// The Hellacopters 🌩