Riff Beer

Riff – Beer By Dregen  

In the summer of 2020, Dregen entered the beverage industry with his Riff – Lager By Dregen. The beer took the market by storm and empty shelves unfortunately soon became a common sight when demand overwhelmed the then brewery.
With the aim set on continued development, an extensive selection process was started to find a brewery that could meet both Swedish and international demand. With consensus on quality, flexibility and top-class service, Dregen and the brewery Nyckelbryggerier found each other where the agreement was signed in February 2021.

Better, faster and tastier has since been the mantra for the duo who have now really reloaded to develop the concept.

Riff has been expanded and become a “family” consisting Riff Lager, Riff IPA and a Riff Alcohol-free, all brewed with love to the nature of northern Sweden and to the sound of distorted hard rock of the noblest kind. In short, a repertoire for every occasion and scene!

If you’re curious about which stores and restaurant you can buy RIFF at, take a look further down on this page.

Riff – Lager (5.2%)
 served at 8-10C, suitable as a social drink, for a buffet or for dishes of fish or  meat.

A lovely and fresh light Lager with a distinct character that you won’t miss! The medium-bodied taste is filled with a wonderful hop-aromatic tone that rests safely in our use of as many as 4 different hop varieties for this Riff. The pleasantly malty aroma offers hints of light bread, honey and a touch of citrus. The beer is naturally brewed in the traditional way and ends up directly in the right taste and strength, without mixing or diluting. In other words, a slightly more difficult, cumbersome and also a more expensive brewing process than we usually see today, but we choose not to compromise in our ambitions or with our quality. Not on stage nor in the bottle.

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Riff – IPA (6.3%) served at 8-10C, suitable as a social drink or for dishes of lamb or beef.

An India Pale Ale that does not disappear in the buzz, a bit like a faithful friend. This IPA invites you to a wonderful malty taste experience along the northern plains with a clear bitterness, hints of  loaf, butterscotch and cloudberries! In addition, an astonishingly wonderful balance is achieved thanks to the honey and bergamot. During the 18th century, IPA quickly became the English sailors’ favorite on the seven seas, and here we give you the chance for a fantastic taste experience, regardless of whether you are at sea, with good friends – or at the rock concert.

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Riff – Non-alcoholic (0.5%) 
served at about 8C, suitable as a social drink or for a buffet, dishes of fish, lamb or light meat.

A superb non-alcoholic alternative that exceeds both hopes and expectations! A light character, characterized by malty elements both in terms of aroma and taste. In addition, a harmonious balance from hops and a bread flavor with the touch of crispy hard rye bread. The yellow, clear and almost golden color, increases the fresh experience achieved through the cold-fermented production process. In short, a wonderful gentle taste experience that often leads to the desire of having more. Just like good music that touches the soul.

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You can drink Riff at these restaurants:
Bröderna Olsson / Garlic & Shots – Stockholm
Babajan Bar – Stockholm
Krogen Gränden – Karlstad
Polar Hotel – Älvsbyn
Comfort Hotel Artic – Luleå
Dirty Dicks – Jönköping
Flickorna i Grönahuset – Valdemarksvik
Garage Bar – Höganäs
John Scotts – Kopparberg
Kura Krogen – Åre
Kök 11 – Växjö
Bomber Bar – Motala
Hotel Jokkmokk – Jokkmokk
Hotell Storforsen – Vidsel
Norrlands Nation Pub – Uppsala
The Tivoli – Helsingborg
Restaurang 2112 – Göteborg
Saga Salonger – Torshälla
Hard Rock Café – Stockholm
Älskade Traditioner – Stockholm

You can buy Riff Alcoholfree at these stores:      
Coop Nässjö – Nässjö
Coop Tyresö – Tyresö
Syrrans Lanthandel – Tyresö
Coop Vintertullen – Stockholm
ICA Ringen – Stockholm
Stora Coop Visby – Gotland
ICA Nära Sikås Livs – Hammerdal
Holmas Lanthandel – Kangos   
ICA E-Fyren Jävre – Jävre
ICA Kvantum Sollefteå – Sollefteå
ICA Maxi Umeå – Umeå
ICA Nära Gargnäs – Gargnäs
ICA Nära Örarna – Örarna
ICA Supermarket Rimbo – Rimbo
ICA Supermarket Starks – Harmånger
ICA Supermarket Vanadis – Stockholm
ICA Maxi Mellbystrand – Mellbystrand
Björks Lanthandel – Boliden
Bergmans Fisk – Wilhelmina
Coop Älvsbyn – Älvsbyn
Gårdsbutiken Smedby – Smedby
Gideå Livs – Gideå
Gunnarsby Lanthandel – Gunnarsby
Handlarn Adak – Adak
Handlarn Klimpfjäll – Klimpfjäll
Hemköp Hosjö – Falun
Holmas Lanthandel – Kangos
ICA Nära Sorsele – Sorsele
ICA Kvantum Munkebäck – Göteborg
ICA Kvantum Sollefteå – Sollefteå
Marsfjälls Handelscentrum – Marsfjäll
ICA Maxi Umeå – Umeå
ICA Nära Älvsjö – Älvsjö
ICA Nära Norrmalm – Lycksele
ICA Nära Obbola – Umeå
Nära Dej Niemisel – Niemisel
Nära Dej Slagnäs – Slagnäs
Ramsjö Livs – Ramsjö
Rautilas Livs – Juoksengi
Tempo Åsarna – Åsarna
Tempo Vidsel – Vidsel
Älskade Traditioner – Stockholm
Systembolaget Nässjö – Nässjö
Systembolaget Älvsbyn – Älvsbyn