Happy New Year!!!

2014 has been an amazing year. ALOT because of YOU! I toured solo with my band in Scandinavia, Europe, England & Japan for the first time in my life. Those memories is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Because of you… My autobiography went really well and sold bananas in Sweden with crazy signing-sessions that was alot of fun. Because of you.. I did the radio-show Sommar i P1, hosted Karlavagnen, guested and played Moraeus Med Mera, played Chuck Berry at the Polar Music Prize, toured Russia with Michael Monroe and Played the world championships of Poker in Las Vegas. Because of you… In September we started to write the new BACKYARD BABIES album and are now planning the 2015 tour! I can’t wait to hit the road again! And it really is: Because of YOU! Thank for all the support, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! See you all 2015!!!


I am super excited to announce the release of “DR3G3N LIVE IN GOTHENBURG” here on this site! The show was recorded at Pustervik in November 20, 2013. These are the rules:

EVERY FRIDAY AT 16:00 (CET) I will launch a new song. This will go on FOR 12 WEEKS! First song “Divisions Of Me” will be launched on Friday, October 3rd! At 4 O’clock PM (CET)! Hope you will dig the show! :*)